Re: Political problems with imortals...

From: Doc (
Date: 09/05/94

> 	The history is: 2 imortals and a newbie-god wanted to do a quest
> and they were easily beaten by the players. So, they started another one
> and, again, were ripped off in 3 or 4 rounds. With this, the imortals
> decided to make a really hard quest and "boosted" a dracolich. The players
> weren't warned of the real level of danger they'd face and accepted.
> Result:  3 players killed in 3 rounds.
> 	Obviously, the players came to me to complain and I thought that the
> complain was fair enough. I talked to the gods and they said that they didn't
> evaluated well the real ammount of damage the dracolich could make and that
> they could not be fast enough to save the players.
> 	What must I do ? Reimburse the xp lost and forget the problem with
> the immortals, reimburse and punish the immortals or what?

I would reimburse the players for any losses.  Since they were not appraised
of the situation, they couldn't have known what the true danger level was.
As for the immorts, I would warn them about that sort of thing in the future.
In fact, if I were you I would put some sort of mechanism in place to get
quests approved by people you can trust to evaluate them.  This would prevent
this sort of thing from happening in the future.

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