Re: Political problems with imortals...

From: Michael Melo (
Date: 09/05/94

On Mon, 5 Sep 1994, Sergio Ricardo Ferreira Macedo wrote:

> 	I had a small problem with my imortals and I'd like know some
> suggestion on what to do.
> 	The history is: 2 imortals and a newbie-god wanted to do a quest
> and they were easily beaten by the players. So, they started another one
> and, again, were ripped off in 3 or 4 rounds. With this, the imortals
> decided to make a really hard quest and "boosted" a dracolich. The players
> weren't warned of the real level of danger they'd face and accepted.
> Result:  3 players killed in 3 rounds.
> 	Obviously, the players came to me to complain and I thought that the
> complain was fair enough. I talked to the gods and they said that they didn't
> evaluated well the real ammount of damage the dracolich could make and that
> they could not be fast enough to save the players.
> 	What must I do ? Reimburse the xp lost and forget the problem with
> the immortals, reimburse and punish the immortals or what?
Depends.  It was a "quest" and if it were me, I wouldn't reim the xp.
It was a quest, and the morts should expect the quest to be "difficult"
(i.e., the realm of mobs would have been altered in some way).

I would however, chide the immorts for making the first two easy
quests, and create a disclaimer for "help quest" to avoid that 
sort of thing in the future.

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