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Date: 09/05/94

On Mon, 5 Sep 1994, Jeff Teker Fink wrote:

> Sergio Ricardo Ferreira Macedo  <> writes:
> > 
> > 	I had a small problem with my imortals and I'd like know some
> > suggestion on what to do.
> 	.
> 	.
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> > PS: The players also had their eq and money messed up when the immortals tried
> > to return it to them.
> If you want to make life REALLY easy on yourself:
> 1) Don't let immorts do anything
> 2) Only promote people you really trust past immort level
> 3) Have a no-reimbursement policy
> Makes life really easy.
> -Jeff

I like parts 2 and 3 of the policy, and I felt I would put my two cents 
in on part one.

I look at immortals as valuable sources of input.  They put a lot of time 
into the game, and I listen closely to what they have to say.  I don't 
let them do anything to the code or areas, nor let them run quests or do 
anything that requires them to load objects or other god-like functions.

The way immortality is set up in the stock code makes it kind of 
pointless.  I prefer to allow immortals to continue adventuring.  There 
are a bunch of ways to do this.  My favorite is to seperate the MUD into 
planes of existence (AD&D style).  The immortals have their home, 
adventures and battles on these planes with occasional visits from high 
level mortals.  And from time to time they can ascend down to the mortal 
plane and get involved in things.

Giving immortals roles as guild leaders, runners of automated quests, 
etc. is also a good idea.  The point I think Jeff was trying to make is 
this:  Immortals are just experinced players.  Giving them power over the 
game is risky because _ANYONE_ can become an immortal.  Leave it to the 
gods to run the game.  Something I whole heartedly agree with. 

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