Re: Political problems with imortals... (fwd)

From: Sergio Ricardo Ferreira Macedo (
Date: 09/05/94

> > 
> > If you want to make life REALLY easy on yourself:
> > 1) Don't let immorts do anything
> > 2) Only promote people you really trust past immort level
> > 3) Have a no-reimbursement policy
> > 
> > 
> > Makes life really easy.
> > -Jeff
> I like parts 2 and 3 of the policy, and I felt I would put my two cents 
> in on part one.
> I look at immortals as valuable sources of input.  They put a lot of time 
> into the game, and I listen closely to what they have to say.  I don't 
> let them do anything to the code or areas, nor let them run quests or do 
> anything that requires them to load objects or other god-like functions.

	I agree completely (sp?).
> The way immortality is set up in the stock code makes it kind of 
> pointless.  I prefer to allow immortals to continue adventuring.  There 
> are a bunch of ways to do this.  My favorite is to seperate the MUD into 
> level mortals.  And from time to time they can ascend down to the mortal 
> plane and get involved in things.

	Never thought the thing that way. It's a great idea. Besides, it'll
give the immortals something to do that in't annoy or over-help the mortals.

> Giving immortals roles as guild leaders, runners of automated quests, 
> etc. is also a good idea.  The point I think Jeff was trying to make is 
> this:  Immortals are just experinced players.  Giving them power over the 
> game is risky because _ANYONE_ can become an immortal.  Leave it to the 
> gods to run the game.  Something I whole heartedly agree with. 

	My immortals don't have access to the code. They can make areas, but I
implement them.

	Although I agree with the immortal planes, I think that I'll have
to make some changes in the code I don't want to implement now (not with the
3.0 about to be released). Perhaps the better way to deal with it would be
just immort the people I really trust.

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