Re: Political problems with imortals... (fwd)
Date: 09/07/94

> > > > If you want to make life REALLY easy on yourself:
> > > > 1) Don't let immorts do anything
> > > > 2) Only promote people you really trust past immort level
> > > > 3) Have a no-reimbursement policy
> > > > Makes life really easy.
> > > > -Jeff
> Agreed.  I'd also add that its also a good idea not to "auto-immort" 
> people.  Only give immortal status to people you can trust with it, not 
> just any slob that manages to gather up enough XP.

I think you've hit here a very good point. Auto advance to 31 is tedious, esp. when someone advances and starts to help mortals or kill monsters for mortals while there are no gods or other 'good' immorts around to keep an eye on the skill most ppl have, named 'cheating'.

It would be nice to add some code to prevent (with a define ofcourse) auto-immorting. For example the player will instead recieve an "to be immortal" flag. This way the immort can still continue playing until he/she receives an inventation to the council of gods, where upon the "to be immortal" will, or not will, bestowed to the status of immortal.

> If immorts get involved in player affairs, they will always be capable of 
> helping some players in an unfair way.  You need to have immorts that you 
> trust, not just anyone with sufficient experience.

Exactly my point. A couple of weeks my brother and me where a bit brainstorming of what we miss in circlemud, we came to the conclusion that there is need for
real guilds, like there are used in the lpmuds. I don't know if you are familiar with lpmuds but I remember some guilds from genesis (lpmud). For example players could be a member of one guild, each guild gives some kind of specialties or lives by a strict set of rules. In this way guilds could add some extra motivation in playing because you have a feeling of exactly belong to a virtual 'family', even guild could set some strict acces rules to, for example, only let players of level 20 or higher be members. Me and my brother where thinking about adding a real guild for paladins.

Now that we are on the subject of families, what about adding family names? In this way it would be easy to implement virtual marriages, even to have grandfathers of mothers on your mud (needs a bit of netsex ofcourse, or maybe some adoption of children).


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