Re: compressing circle files, etc.

From: Mr. Wizard (
Date: 09/07/94

On Wed, 7 Sep 1994, Giovanni Ruffini wrote:

> I asked here about a week ago for help recompressing circle as a means of
> making back-up copies of your code, etc. Having followed your instructions
> dutifully, I have ended up w/ a .tar.Z file some 4.5 megs in size, which
> strikes my relatively untrained eye as MUCH TOO LARGE, ie something that
> would take almost an hour to ftp. 

Well how large were the files before compression?  Maybe you are 
compressing more than you wanted to.  Also, would it really take an hour 
to ftp 4.5 megs?  I've ftped some really large files (I'm sure I've done 
over 4.5 megs at one time), and its never taken nearly that long.

>                                    Although I did do a lot of area writing
> and a fair bit of code modifiction, I certainly didn't think it was that
> much... Is there a way quicker than ftp to move files around? Can I use
> mail to send the .tar.Z? or should I just try to compress again, assuming
> I did something wrong?

Sure you can mail it.  Just do:

mail [address of person] < [filename]

Ftp is the quickest way I know to move things around.  I personally hate 
mailing files, and I still think that it shouldn't take an hour to ftp a 
measley 4.5 megs.  Maybe different machines ftp at different rates.  In 
which case i can only say *comfort* *comfort* use mail.

> And again, sorry for the not necessarily relevant-ness of this message :)
> Nino

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