compressing circle files, etc.

From: Giovanni Ruffini (
Date: 09/07/94

I asked here about a week ago for help recompressing circle as a means of
making back-up copies of your code, etc. Having followed your instructions
dutifully, I have ended up w/ a .tar.Z file some 4.5 megs in size, which
strikes my relatively untrained eye as MUCH TOO LARGE, ie something that
would take almost an hour to ftp. Although I did do a lot of area writing
and a fair bit of code modifiction, I certainly didn't think it was that
much... Is there a way quicker than ftp to move files around? Can I use
mail to send the .tar.Z? or should I just try to compress again, assuming
I did something wrong?
And again, sorry for the not necessarily relevant-ness of this message :)

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