Re: Political problems with imortals
Date: 09/08/94

> >For example the player will instead recieve an "to be 
> >immortal" flag.
> I figure you can just stat the player and see that he has all the XP, but 
> just not the level.

Well indeed, but I always try to make things simple to see instead of executing a commando before I will be able to see it *wink* but that's my personal vision.

> I dont think this will go into circle.  My understanding was that circle
> would be basically a polished version of Gamma code with the general
> feature additions without massive changes to the basic idea of dikumud.
> Though Jeremy would probably be the person to ask on the direction of
> Circle code.  :)

I don't mind much when it doesn't come into circle for everyone, but I like it myself and maybe some others too ;-)

> > Wave, Lovi
> > MUDLife: Lovidamo, Piney, Flippy \ c\_/~~ Lot's of coffee required ;-)
> woosh!  now thats a name I havent seen in a looong time.  Good to see you
> again, Lovidamo.  I was VampLestat on Fajita.  Kept in touch with Firelance
> (Raslyph) and Backfire of Fajita as well.

Heee hee! this is indeed a very very long long time ago *snif* That was a time
a never forget, but..nothing is left of it *snif*, I'm changed in rl over the last years (not in looks *gig*) mentally due some severe problems I have and still
have. I don't want to say to much here, I will mail you some privat stuff.
I still remember you, even Raslyph, Ensign Aurules, Sasha, Cracker etc etc. Even had some contact with Ras a year ago, but that got broken too due some shit.

> So what ever happened to that GUI Amiga mudeditor?  :)

Well...Uhmm...Well... The one I started a few years ago in assembler is kinda
dumped. I still have some code of it but I don't program on it for several reasons, there are also a lot of reasons that I don't mud (playing) anymore, and still more reasons why sometimes contacts with old mud ppl kept broken, over and over again (sigh). Life wasn't _that_ nice to me last years.

But, there is actually something real nice where I and my brothers started programming this summer vacation, don't want to say to much, don't even know if this project will finisch ever, you know how programming is with ppl when you live
seperated ;-) always turns into some disaster.

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