ACT v0.0

From: Jeff (
Date: 09/09/94

I've recently uploaded a program called ACT (or Area Code Translator) to
the ftp site.  Basically it converts world files from one format to another
by using your constants.c file and another constants.c file to convert
from.  It's a very BETA copy (version 0.0) so it doesn't output errors
in a nice format, but as far as I can tell, the program works fine when
converting from Circle 2.01 worlds to 3.00.  It should work fine for any
MUD that uses the standard DIKU world file formats.

At any rate, here's the README file that goes with it.  As it mentions,
Jeremy wrote most of the code (as much of it was taken straight from the
3.00 Beta and then slightly modified) but problems and bug reports should
be sent to me.

At any rate, it's a pretty useful program when you find that your
AFF_WATERWALK and Circle 3's are set to different values.  I imagine ACT
will be up on the ftp site within the next week or so.


ACT (or Area Code Translator) is a program that converts Diku world files into
ASCII form, and then back into the numeric format.  This can be very useful
when you want to convert world files based on one flag format to another one.
For example, if one MUD uses a value of 8 for detect invisible, and another
MUD uses 32, you can run act to generate "DETECT-INVIS" from the 8, and unact
to convert the "DETECT-INVIS" to 32.

As of right now, act works on world, object, and mobile files, and has been
tested on Circle v2.01 files being converted to Circle v3.00 worlds.

The files in the archive are:
        Makefile                - Rules for making the executables
        act.doc                 - Documentation for using act and unact
        act.h                   - Constants and Headers
        actmob.c                - Convert Mobile files to text
        actobj.c                - Convert Object files to text
        actwld.c                - Convert World files to text
        license.doc             - Original DIKUMUD License
        main.c                  - Initialization procedures
        unactmob.c              - Convert Mobile text to Diku format
        unactobj.c              - Convert Object text to Diku format
        unactwld.c              - Convert World text to Diku format

Instructions for compiling are in the documentation file.

Version List:

09/08/94  - 0.0                 Test version released.

The ACT v0.0 code was taken directly from Jeremy Elson's CircleMUD v3.0 code
by Jeff Fink.

Comments? Questions? Complaints?
Mail them to and I'll try to answer them...

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