Re: index_data

From: Matt Read (
Date: 09/10/94

Ok, thanks for your opinion on choice of option. I've had some more thoughts
on the matter so if you're interested, here they are:

The reason for keeping an accurate account of objects in the rent files is so
that limited items really are limited instead of having the normal rush to
get the good eq after a crash or reboot.

For this reason a system where the objects are counted only on reboot wouldn't
really work. For example, say a player with limited eq hits a dt while playing;
his eq would be extracted but the game would not know this until the next
reboot which would again cause the rush for eq after reboot problem.

Jeff Fink mentioned counting at reboot as an option. However there were then
a number of cases where the index would need to change, ie junking etc.
After considering how many occasions there are when the index would need to
change I've reached the conclusion that the best way to code this to provide
complete accuracy would be to put in cases for all these occasions (junk, dt,
load, create x spell, etc). 

As far as I can see the performance of the mud would not be comprimised in any
serious way as the only procedure likely to take time is the reboot search
of the rent files which is not a problem as rebooting generally takes a long
time anyway.

This is the conclusion I've drawn - any opinions welcome...


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