From: Steppin [MOF][DUMF] (
Date: 09/12/94

I just wanted to drop a line to all the people here who have helped me with
some of the code work I've been doing on Circle 2.2-based ChicagoMUD. There
wouldn't be much of a mud there without the support of the people on this
list. I'd also like to say thanks to those of you I've talked about as far
as finding a site with you. We finally went ahead and shelled cash for a
commercial account that would allow us to run it. Any and all of you are
welcome to come on by and check it out:
ChicagoMUD @ 2600
Nino Ruffini

*       steppin.c                     part of ChicagoMUD-in-Exile, v1.00      *
*  by Giovanni Ruffini                now in beta at 2600      *
*         Copyright (C) 1994 - see 'license.doc' for complete info            *
*       or contact All Rights Reserved.          *

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