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From: Mr. Wizard (
Date: 09/12/94

On Mon, 12 Sep 1994 wrote:

> I got the editor.
> Now, a question for you.  Do you have a changes doc so that I know what
> you changed between 1.0p2 and your version 1.1p2?
> It really would help me if I knew what had changed.  Thanks.

I hadn't done that because I didn't think the changes I made would be 
significant enough for others to request them.  I will make one up 
eventually I guess (definitely if I make any more changes).

The files I changed are all documented in the credits and version 
commands of the program (as well as the actual files themselves).  

The changes specifically were:

Modify mlist, rlist and ilist to take a zone number as an optional 
argument, thus filtering output.

Fixed the bug making it impossible to remove action descriptions from 

Reformatted output as follows:
   Got rid of all the ~'s.
   Put commas in lists.
   Made all long descriptions and such seperated by lines from the rest 
of the text, and aligned against the left margin as they appear in the game.
Probably some other minor things I am forgetting now.  :(

I will be sure to fully document any other projects I do in the future.  
As I said, these changes were minor.  However some have said it was a 
much needed 'clean up' of Dikued, so I am making it available to others.

> --JT 

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