Re: OSF/1
Date: 09/12/94

> Has anyone beta testing 3.0 tried to compile it on DEC OSF/1?  I'd like to
> know the level of compatibility of the mud on a system which still is run
> on a DEC, but isn't Ultrix.  I've tried compiling 2.2 on OSF/1, but there

I compiled and ran CircleMud 3.0 Beta PL3 on OSF/1 and sent the one 
change that was needed to get it to compile to Jeremy (he does a 
great job with making the mud POSIX so there was only one small problem).
So, CircleMUD 3.0 should run basically out of the shrinkwrap for OSF/1.
BTW, I compiled it using both DEC's CC and GCC.

Now I just wish I could actually run a mud on that machine :).

Michael G. Jones                        Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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