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From: Jeff (
Date: 09/13/94

"Eduan Kotze" <> writes:
> No, one can only have one familiar for each character. Can't see the
> neem for a linked list, by having only one object in it. :)

I've been reading this thread on familiars, and it seems to me that
what you all really want is a specialized pet that gets saved and
reacts differently in combat.  Maybe what you should do is flag it as
a familiar, and when special things happen (it dies, it gets rented,
the master flees, etc) check the flag and make it happen.  I think you're
getting to specific in wanting to add it into the user record (since
not all players will have one, you'll be wasting disk space if you just
stick it into the character record) and might just want to create a
different convention of doing it.  A while back, we decided we wanted to
have our shopkeepers save because their inventory lists would return to
normal every time we rebooted.  Rather than adding shopkeepers to the
player file, we created new shopkeeper files (and a shopkeeper directory
off of the objsave directory) to handle shopkeepers only.  It worked
pretty well, and we were even able to use the existing code to save all
of their objects.

You might also want 'find familiar' to be a spell that can only be
cast when the caster doesn't currently have a familiar.

> > Hey, another sig that's 9 lines long, yet looks much smaller than mine!  ;)

Ug!   ;-)

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