Re: Circle for Amiga

From: Jonathan Wood (suisol@grfn.ORG)
Date: 09/14/94

On Wed, 14 Sep 1994, Robert wrote:

> On Wed, 14 Sep 1994, Jonathan Wood wrote:
> > 
> > 	I'll try to give ya what I know....
> > 
> > It is written in C (as is the original Circle code)
> > 
> > Runs from the AmigaDOS shell and does not need unix
> > 
> > I have found the following things to be the minimums for running the mud:
> > 	OS 2.04, about 5 Meg of HD space if you want to develop, minimum
> > 	of 3M RAM for running with the complete supplied world (about 1M
> > 	for the minimized mode), if you want to develop you will also
> > 	need a C compiler (I recommend SAS/C)
> > 
> > This port is VERY stable and comes with a telnet client (also a straight
> > Amiga executable) to access the mud. I cannot say for sure as I have not 
> > mailed the port author in quite awhile, but I would guess that a port of 
> > 3.0 will be done. He is probably lurking somewhere on this list and will
> > be able to give you a better overview of it and maybe answer the 3.0
> > question.
> > 
> > jon
> > 
> Hmmm... I guess you would also need to be running something like AmiTCP 
> eh? Are you running a mud off of an amiga now or do you know anybody who 
> is? I'd like to call one... How much of the CPU is taken though? It seems 
> like you wouldn't really be able to do anything else with the mud 
> running, depending on the amount of people playing of course.
	Nope...don't need AmiTCP or any other package, just an Amiga and
the basics I listed before. Yes, I am running on right now on my Amiga,
but I don't have the BBS installed currently. Since it's input and output,
through the client, is standard it can be run from any BBS that allows
a "DOS" door (DLG, CNET, and a few others). The play is exaclty like the
INet version. The CPU usage is very minimal (except during rebooting, which
is the norm), the mud process I have running right now in minimized mode is
drawing 8-15% CPU with 1 connection on a stock A2000/68000cpu, full mode
draw just a slight bit more, but doesn't cause any noticable system lag.
The only limit you will have it the amount of free ram you have.
I know this sounds suspicious, as most mud ports to the amiga have been 
EXTREMLY buggy and require other packages to run, but this sucker works
right outta the box! Well worth the download time whether you want to run
one on a BBS, test new code, or test new areas. 

Hope this helped some,


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