Re: Circle for Amiga
Date: 09/16/94

> This port is VERY stable and comes with a telnet client (also a straight
> Amiga executable) to access the mud. I cannot say for sure as I have not 
> mailed the port author in quite awhile, but I would guess that a port of 
> 3.0 will be done. He is probably lurking somewhere on this list and will
> be able to give you a better overview of it and maybe answer the 3.0
> question.

The beta-version is ported already and is testrunning for quite awhile now. When
the release version of cm 3.0 will come out, the Amigaport of the release version will be out very fast because we don't expect much problems that are OS relative to be introduced into the release version in comparison with the beta version

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