Site help

From: Fred White (
Date: 09/16/94

I know this mailing list isn't the proper place to hunt for a site, but
could one of you more knowledgeable types please clue me in as to where I
might have a better chance of finding one?  I've been told to post to the
"sites wanted" area on TMI-2...but I was never told where or what TMI-2
is.  I have a LOT done on the mud already (zones, spells, theme, most
everything...and what isn't coded is on paper), but the site I was going
to work on just passed a no-MUD policy, so I'm SOL...

Thanks in advance,

Fred White
"We could do that...we don't even need a reason.  Let's do the same
thing, but with the gophers."  --Carl Spangler

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