Re: Circle for Amiga
Date: 09/16/94

> Wow, that sounds great except the way you put it, it sounds as though you 
> can't hook it to the Internet? Does this use phone lines or can you use a 
> SLIP or direct connection to the internet? I remember you saying it came 
> with a telnet client prog though. I might get it anyways just for testing 
> new code and stuff... :)

We already thought about implementing code to let AmigaCircleMUD run on packages like AmiTCP or even more specific BBS support. But as of now, we don't have information about the different BBS packages more specific how to program the communication for the specific msgports and commando's the BBS packages use. Also we don't have any resources to test such BBS supports.

As for AmiTCP, if there's enough question for such an option we could spend some time on it because we already have AmiTCP up and running ourselves so testing and programming wouldn't be any problem.

The telnet client is not a fully, let's say doesn't support the TCP/IP protocol in such a way that you could use it on the amiga for internet activities. It makes use of msgports to cm and therefore is only usable with cm.

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