player file at 4000 deleted
Date: 09/20/94

To all who had helped testing on 4000.

Due to excessive abuse of power by some players on my mud i was
forced to delete the player files. In the same time the policy was
changed. No more gods, every level should be earned.

I wish to thank everyone who logged in and helped to find the bug in
it. Also I wish to thank everyone who tried to do so.

Testers, THANKS!

It's a shame that you can't trust some local users the godpowers to
test such a piece of software. *sigh*

BTW this mud will be off the internet in three weeks anyway, because my
graduation project finishes and I loose my facilities to operate a mud

Jeremy, any bugs that will be discovered will be mailed to you by fellow
students who continue to run the mud, but without world wide access.

Regards, Guido Witmond.

Guido M. Witmond --- ask for pgp key --- Internet:

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