C++/OO Mud code

From: Chris Herringshaw (Chris.Herringshaw@med.umich.edu)
Date: 09/20/94

This question is geared more towards Jeremy, but I thought I would
pass it along in case someone on the list knows something.

I am looking for 2 things.  The first is if anyone knows where an
object oriented C++ mud server and source is at.  My next big project
will be to write a mud server in C++, something MUDS have needed 
for a long time, I feel.  I've written an event driven MUD server,
and now I want to make it an event driven OO server. (gee, what fun you 
must be thinking =)

The other aspect I wanted to look into was the concept of online
programming.  Does anyone know what MUD are using it?  What exactly
this "programs"?  How does it work (specifics)  And (yea right)
possibly some source from some MUD somewhere?  A lot of people have
told me to include this in a new mud server, but I'm not sure of the
benefits/drawbacks since the only way I see this could work is
through an interpreter, ala LPC and LPMuds, but maybe I am wrong.

*wavy lines cross the screen*

I am currently thinking of CircleMUD version 3.0 source code, so
this post has some relevance on the list =)

*wavy lines cross the screen*


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