Mob attack flags, 3.0 to have built-in mob spec_procs?
Date: 09/20/94

I checked the README-3.0 file from the ftp site today, it mentions that mobs
will have settable attack types, I assume by adding flags in the mob files.
Has a revised dbsup.doc been released which details the changes in the mob files
for 3.0(including the settable attack types)?  My rooms are done for my area, 
but I don't want to start on the mob file if there are major differences between
those for 2.20 and 3.0.

Second question, I thought I heard a while back, that the merc style easy mob
spec_procs code would be built in to 3.0.  Is this true?  I really hope so
because it will make it simple to make mobs interesting and fun, instead of
all hack and slash(for noncoders that is, I don't know a lick about writing
special processes, and it's a pain trying to get an imm who knows how to write
one for you, but I could include the line or 2 for each mob that would be needed
if that spec_proc code were built-in no problem.)

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