This group too quiet?

From: Lincoln Chan (linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 09/24/94

Well, here's a little noise...

1) Using Ultrix V4.4 and gcc version 2.5.8, I get this warning when compiling
CircleMUD 2.20:
passing arg 1 of `localtime' from incompatible pointer type
Is there a fix?
2) I once wrote asking about CircleMUD and OSF/1 and someone replied regarding
its operation.  I unfortunately purged my mail spool with too quick of a
gesture and have lost your email address.  To bring anyone up to date
regarding the compatibility, this is the best I can do from shrinkwrap 2.20.
Using DEC OSF/1 V2.0 (Rev. 240) and gcc version 2.6.0 from
/usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/alpha-dec-osf/2.6.0/specs, this is what happens when
you 'make' at circle/src:
% make
gcc -c -g    comm.c
In file included from comm.c:29:
utils.h:25: parse error before `int'
utils.h:26: parse error before `int'
comm.c: In function `init_socket':
comm.c:645: warning: passing arg 1 of `bzero' from incompatible pointer type
*** Exit 1
Ok...So far, this has demonstrated that CircleMUD 2.20, OSF/1 2.0 and gcc 2.6.0
are just a little incompatible with each other.  What I'd like to know is:
Where did the code fail?  Is it as simple as CircleMUD 2.20 not being workable
on OSF/1 2.0?  Or could it be possible that gcc 2.6.0 was improperly installed
on the machine?
I'm a bit confused regarding this OSF/1 system and can't understand why DEC
would make such different operating systems for their machines.  Gotta figure
that whatever would run on Ultrix *should* run on OSF/1 cleanly!
Any help on this situation is very much appreciated.  Whoever is working with
OSF/1 and Circle right now, I'd be especially interested in hearing from you.
Lastly, I understand that OLC is coming out on CircleMUD 3.0 and that could
be a reason why it's not released publicly yet.  Is there anyway 3.0 can be
publicly released without OLC if it IS indeed OLC that's holding it back?
To .sig or not to .sig?  Ain't no thang!

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