Zone Help

From: Panama N. Red (
Date: 09/24/94

I am planning on running a CircleMUD 3.0 (When it comes out).  I was 
recently playing a beta test site, and realized that I dislike the areas  
that are included in the mud, and would like to replace alot of them with 
some stock areas that I have played on other muds.  I do plan on hiring 
some builders to make alot of original areas, but I also would like some 
well-known areas.  The other day I saw that someone had Gelf, and Skexie
running on a Circle 2.2.

Does anyone know where I could ftp Gelf and Skexie for Circle?  Does 
anyone have a list of ftp sites with lots of areas for Circle? (Besides  This brings me to my second question....  Are the world 
files for 2.2 completely compatible with 3.0 or not?  I know the shop 
files are different, but are the basic *.obj, *.mob, *.zon, *.wld files 
the same?

Thanks alot, oh and if you would like to be a builder on my future mud, 
email me at

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