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From: Mark Shapiro (
Date: 09/27/94

According to you:
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> > 	Hi all.  Well I am not much of a 'C' coder. I am just learning so 
> > I do not post here much.  I came up with an idea that I think will be 
> > above my abilities but I am not sure.  How difficult would t be to code a 
> > flag in the mail system for implemneters to send mail to 'all' players 
> > instead of a single player?  I like to update players often on many 
> > things and this would make it easier.
> > 
> >  
> A board would take up far less disk space?  Would it not?

Actually, if a FLAG were added, it wouldn't take up much more disk space.

It would be moderately difficult to track which users had read it and which 
hadn't, which is why there are boards.  However, it COULD be implemented, 
without having to create a separate copy for each user.  (I run a BBS, and the
software I use has a multi-mail capability, which keeps ONE copy of the 
message, and a list of the users to receive the message.  When a user deletes
the message, their user ID is removed from the list)

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