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Date: 09/27/94

On Tue, 27 Sep 1994, Jeffrey Daro wrote:

> 	Hi all.  Well I am not much of a 'C' coder. I am just learning so 
> I do not post here much.  I came up with an idea that I think will be 
> above my abilities but I am not sure.  How difficult would t be to code a 
> flag in the mail system for implemneters to send mail to 'all' players 
> instead of a single player?  I like to update players often on many 
> things and this would make it easier.

While you could invest the time to add that feature to the mail system, I 
would reccomend a simpler solution.  Make another bulletin board.  Call 
it the "Announcement Board".  Make it writable by gods only, but readable 
by all.  Put this board (and copies of it if necesary) at all the places 
people can enter the game.  (If there are more than 5 places, then just 
put the board in central locations.)

This works extremely well for what you are talking about.  The temple of 
Midgaard is a nice place if you use standard Midgaard.  This also 
requires no changes to the code.  Having one bulletin board in the entire 
game can make it very crowded.  I think we have 7 - reading room, 
announcement, immortal and one for each guild.
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