A Couple Responses

From: Jeffrey Daro (jdaro@netcom.com)
Date: 09/29/94

	I have 54 levels on our circle 2.2, to answer whoever that was 
that asked.  We have 48 mortal levels and then 49 is immortal, 50 is 
builder, 51 AVATAR, 52 Lesser, 53 God, 54 Implementer. Seems to have 
worked out good.  Now we can promote players to immort and then check 
them out before we give them any 'real' power.
	Does anyone have a good book title for learning the gcc compiler 
or gdb? My system does not have gdb, and hence we find our bugs by 
staring at screen fulls of code.  We run gcc all the time, but a better 
explanation of the qualifiers would help. *shivers* I am gonna get flamed 
aren't I?

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