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Date: 10/04/94

Oops... forgot to forward this to the circle lsit too, Doh!

Date:         Tue, 04 Oct 94 15:44:23 EDT
From:         Furry <3RAF7@QUCDN.QueensU.CA>
Organization: The Fantasic Furry World
Subject:      Re: Some Worlds I would like to see.
To:           Harold Marks <>
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On Tue, 4 Oct 1994 14:13:15 -0400 (EDT) you said:
>The Abyss
>The Shire

I think I have copies of the Skexies and Shire lying around SOMEWHERE
and as I'm trying to put together a world everyone can get along with
I'd like to check with people to see if they like the idea of adding

If anyone has the other two and is willing to forward them to me, I'd
be willing to add them to the package in some logical way... (:

>thing I have always thuight Circle lacked, was a decent world.  Anyway,

I guess it is like that because Jeremy is more interested in getting a
nice solid code base out, and leaves it to you, me, the 'consumer' to
customize both the code and the world.... that's where I fit in, and
Danny before me... we are interested in trying to put together a decent
world to go with the good code base Circle offers.. I am trying to stick
with the 'fantasy' style theme, so if you have a craving for ego-boosting
by getting something you built into CircleMUD, send me what you have done
in the way of an area and possibly even some idea of what levels it would
cater too and whereabouts in your opinion it would fit into the rest of
the present world (sans New Sparta that is...)  If it fits, looks good,
and is not all that buggy, I'll probably be able to find a niche for it
and your name will live on the net happily ever after (:

Remember, what happens to this point is partly up to you in regards to
the world, I don't want to put on out that noone likes (:  And anyways,
there has got to be more than 9 or 10 people on this list, no?  Since
that's about all I have gotten in the way of replies so far...

-- Alex.

Alex Fletcher c/o The Fantastic Furry World
                       Located at  3RAF7@QUCDN.QueensU.CA

In the immortal words of Bob MacKenzie, 'Take off, Eh?'

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