Re: ADDCLASS.DOC and Newplementors

From: Bu (
Date: 10/04/94

On Tue, 4 Oct 1994, Chris Herringshaw wrote:

> The difference between people wanting to learn how the game works,
> and needing a little help; and the person I was responding to is
> exactly that - you want ot learn how it works.  I quote from his
> post:
> "It's quite annoying to dig such things out of the source
> by yourself all the time."
> He sounds really eager to learn.  =)
I'm not quite getting you. I hope you didn't mean that to be sarcastic. 
If you are well, check the quote again and think about it. He's begging 
for help (no offense) cause he may be a little frustrated perhaps. So he 
wants to learn but wants a little help right now. I wouldn't mind a 
little help either. ;)
But anyways, the real reason I wanted to say something is that I think 
maybe the Circle 3.0 code is getting overkill. I mean, all these changes 
that people want done are fine but I mean, don't put EVERYTHING in the 
source code! This is SUPPOSED to be a BASE program that sets up a world 
that's pretty much just a basic thing. Certain things, like say, well i 
dunno, maybe adding a multi hit system, can be done by the end user if he 
wants to add it. Does it really need to be already implemented in the 
original source? Do you get what I'm trying to say? When you start adding 
a whole bunch of things to the original source you end up with a lot of 
MUDS looking virtually the same, or you just waste time if people end up 
erasing part of the code. The thing I know a lot of people won't erase 
though is the OLC! That's why I decided to wait for 3.0 to come out in 
the first place. If it weren't for that, I might have gone with 2.2 eons 
ago. Same probably goes for a few others. Bottom line: We want OLC! and 
stop with the additions already... Whatever's there, fine. Or if it's 
half/practically there I guess that can be finished too. BTW, I sure hope 
the world files won't hinder the 3.0 release. Just make it seperate...

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