Re: ADDCLASS.DOC and Newplementors

From: Laurence A. and Milena R. Rooks (mrj1@Ra.MsState.Edu)
Date: 10/04/94

On Tue, 4 Oct 1994, Naved Surve wrote:

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> ou said:
> > Give us a break.  We're new just like you were however many years ago.
> That is true.  However, when I was new to C and MUD coding, I spent a
> month reading the code and my K&R book [together] before I tried
> adding things.  Perhaps that is because there was no such thing as the
> 'CircleMUD Developers Mailing List' at the time.  Actually, there was
> no such thing as Circle code at the time.  It took quite an effort
> just to get DikuMUD Gamma v0.0 to compile.  Don't underestimate the
> value of sitting down and understanding the intimate details of your MUD.
> -Naved
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Btw, I never said anything about not learning C on my own, or learning
anything about the code without looking through each piece of it for
however many months it may take.  I was simply responding to the fact
that newbieimps were flammed to death for asking about a doc to help
add classes.  From the question, all newbieimps were flammed for asking
anything about everything and that we don't do anything on our own.
Before I even think about putting a question up here, I search for the
answer on my own by looking at the code and other types of code, referring
to the little C knowledge I have and the C book I am using, and a little
common sense.  But I would at least like to have the knowledge that if I,
a newbieimp, should decide to use this mailing list to learn a little
more from you guruimps as you do with this list, I won't get flammed like
the previous one for being a newbie imp.


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