Re: addclass.doc

Date: 10/04/94

Not like we need flames or anything here, that's what rgmd is for,
he did ask a valid question.. for some people, the addclass.doc
(and so forth) would help them get an understanding of how the classes
affect the code, and also,.. if it is done right the first time, then
he won't need to post here if something goes wrong and he can't figure
out what it is... correct?

It is jsut like that doc 'AdminHints.doc' (or whatever)... it gives a
fairly basic rundown how how to do things the first time... after all,
not everyone who wants to know how a mud works starts out as a C guru..
it takes time... I myself am still learning and I found this doc quite
helpful is showing me how one thing affects another... (:

Just my thoughts...

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