Some Worlds I would like to see.

From: Harold Marks (
Date: 10/04/94

I played a sillymud based mud for a LONG time, and I would like to see if 
at all possible, the following worlds:
The Abyss
The Shire

These are all great worlds and would at alot to CircleMUD 3.0.  The one 
thing I have always thuight Circle lacked, was a decent world.  Anyway, 
if you don't put these in the public release, I would still like to have 
them for my own mud, so could someone tell me where I could get any all 
or some of these worlds?

Also, does anyone know the address to JeenusTooMUD?  It is a circle that 
I remeber having some of these worlds, and I just wanted to see if I 
could get them there.

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