Re: Some Worlds I would like to see.

From: Michael Jones (
Date: 10/04/94

] I played a sillymud based mud for a LONG time, and I would like to see if 
] at all possible, the following worlds:

  I don't know about others, but my idea of BASE code is something you 
use to CREATE a mud with.  In otherwords, ship Midgaard and the God
rooms with CircleMUD, and nothing more.  And only those so people can
use them as an example.  It's a little late now with Circle, but it 
would be nice to see a spell system in place, but not the spells
themselves (same with skills).  Putting too much into a base mud
creates many problems, including getting a lot of people who run muds
as "almost" stock (they add a few spells, levels, areas, but nothing
too unique), and those of us who want to create a unique mud, but still
use a good solid base (like Circle), we end up taking a lot of it back
  Anyways, my point, keep the Circle base simple.  I'd be happy with
a base system with a couple spells for examples, couple skills, the
OLC, and a town to work with as an example.  But if I ever use Circle
and it's in like what it is now, I'm going to be using my editors
delete function quite a bit...;)
  So my vote for what should be in the base world is as little as
possible.  If people want to get more and run a mud with common areas,
then make an FTP archive of converted/created areas for Circle.
Michael G. Jones <Finger Me for PGP Key>  Miami University, Oxford, OH

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