Re: ADDCLASS.DOC and Newplementors

From: Jim Meyer (
Date: 10/04/94

Thus spake Chris Herringshaw:
>On Tue, 4 Oct 1994, Stefan Rensing wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd really appreciate if someone could repost that famous addclass.doc.
>> Would be nice. It's quite annoying to dig such things out of the source
>> by yourself all the time.
>GOD FORBID a mud implementor have to actually learn something about how
>the DIKU/CIRCLE source code works.  What would do you a hell of a lot
>more good then the addclass.doc, is to go through the code and add the
>stupid class yourself, that way you know every point that a class affects
>the running of the game....much more valuable then a doc page, especially if
>you run the darn thing for public play.

First off, an answer to your last question: No, mine's private (to myself
and my two cats) until I feel comfortable enough to take it public. Probably
a year, maybe never.

Secondly, try seeing it from the eyes of an inexperienced but eager coder.
Like mine. To me, a doc is like having that person who was kind enough to
write it point at different sections of the code and say "See? This is where
the arglefargle transgenerates a thirblig, and that's what makes it go."
Except that while I'm using his written words to begin to understand, the
master programmer can be off doing something else, say, a cute blonde with a
star-shaped birthmark. And thus, we are both satisfied (although in
different ways...I hope!)

Please don't sell us newbie implementors short. We're not all rabidly eager
to expose the world to our misshapen unwieldy designs, and we do share with
you more experienced programmers on this list a love for MUDding and a
desire to let others one day roam free in our imagination.

--Jim, a Newplementor who plunges shamelessly onward.

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