REQUEST: please resend bug reports/patches to circle 3.0 beta

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 10/04/94

Hi everyone,

I think I've finally dug myself out of the mail hole I've been in, but
unfortunately I've ended up losing track a lot of the bug reports, code
submissions, and other patches that were sent in response to various
earlier releases of Circle beta patchlevels 1, 2, and 3.

So, if you've submitted code, noted a bug, or sent a patch, and it has
not yet appeared in circle 3.0 patchlevel 4 (which is currently available
for anonymous FTP at, then please resend
it some time in the next week to 10 days.

Thanks - and thanks to all of you in your continued support of the
CircleMUD project!

Best regards,


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