Add Class Docs

From: Jeffrey Daro (
Date: 10/04/94

	Well I have attempted my first class addition tonite.  So far so 
goo.  The docs are helpfull in tracking down all of the many places you 
need to add code, and help to learn it *smile*.  In the docs the author 
writes 'I might have missed one', so far all I have found that he has 
missed is the #define NEW_CLASS in structs.h
	I am compiling the new code as I write this so I just may find 
more! I thought maybe the other newbie imps, like me, would want to have 
this bit of information.

	On the topic of zones, I circle MUD 3 should definately include 
many zones.  When you get your mud up and running , as an Imp, you would 
surely want to work on new code and brush up things before you add new 
zones. Maybe not, but addition of zones by Jeremy would ease your 
to_do_list in that matter. Yes? No? BTW, what do we all think about, as 
far as creating a pool of zones to trade and spread around?  I orginally 
felt that I would like to keep my zones only in my mud, a bit egotistical 
yes.  I feel now I wouldn't mind spreading them at all, and I would love 
to give builders an opportunity to spread theirs around.

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