Re: many zones

From: Patrick Suthers (
Date: 10/05/94

On 5-OCT-1994, Naved <> wrote:

>Circle 3.0 should definitely NOT have many zones.  One of the characteristics
>of a finished mud is its library of unique zones.  CircleMUD is not intended
>to be code run as a mud, it is intended to be a development platform.
>The inclusion of many zones would be promoting the use of CircleMUD as a
>finished product, which it is not.

I do agree that Circle doesn't need to have lots and lots of zones.  I think
that the zones that are included do need to be examples of good writing
and should serve as a sort of spring board for new unique zones.  It seems to 
me that ditching New Sparta, fixing typos/ problems with the old zones, and
in general making the zones at least cohesive wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

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