Sorry for lack of information

From: Jeffrey Daro (
Date: 10/05/94

	Ok, I fixed one error, not sure how...the error I described 
before without correct info as jeremy pointed out occurs on three lines 
in the do_cast function.  All three lines are similar to:

	if (GET_MANA(ch) < USE_MANA(ch, spl)) {

	The error I get is:

	spell_parser.c: In function `do_cast':
spell_parser.c:822: parse error before `spell_info'
spell_parser.c:839: parse error before `spell_info'
spell_parser.c:845: parse error before `spell_info'

	Ok so, I understand enough to know the problem is probably up 
near the spell_info line near the spello define.  Can anyone, will anyone 
provide me with some info to help me on my treck?

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