Re: spell_parser problem

From: Jim Meyer (
Date: 10/06/94

Thus spake Mark Garringer:
>It seems, to me at least, that this is wrong:
>//#define SPELL_LEVEL(ch, sn)               \
>//  ( (GET_CLASS(ch) == CLASS_CLERIC_OF_AO) ?     \
>//  spell_info[sn].min_level_cleric_of_ao : spell_info[sn].min_level_magic)
>In the addclass.doc it says for a new spell using class add something 
>like spell_info[sn].min_level_newclass, but the above statment say if 
>class = cleric use min_level cleric, else min_level magic. Adding another 
>min_level to a two condition statment would cause problems, would it not?

I don't know that this applies to this PARTICULAR instance, but everyone who
is using the addclass.doc should be aware that it is distinctly out of date.
This should please the Elite amongst you, as I've been investing MUCH time
in finding the niches that have been moved...and it should please all of us
newbies because Jeremy, bless his organized soul, has consolidated a HUGE
amount of the work into one file, class.c

Are we having fun yet? Hell yes!

Are we getting frustrated every 2.341 minutes? Hell yes!

--Jim, with a glazed look in his eyes.

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