Re: Another Newbie Question...

From: VampLestat (
Date: 10/06/94

On Thu, 6 Oct 1994, Jeffrey Daro wrote:

> So then I attepted to move the source code for it, and the header files 
> that it included and compile it.  It did not work.  Is there some 
> compiler thing that I am missing here?

aaaaaaaarrrgh!  You really cant be serious with this one?  Without any 
idea of what errors you got, what compiler you use, what OS the machine 
is running, you expect someone to go "Oh yea, you forgot <fill in the 
blank>" ?

Go buy a good book on 'C' and read.  Then play with the code on your own 
for a bit.  Then read more.  THEN come back here and feel free to ask a 
few questions.  Yea, that may sound all high and mighty and elietist, but 
this isnt a general C-Programming list.  We have to assume atleast some 
amount of basic knowledge of C.

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