From: Mud Administrator (
Date: 10/19/94

I'm just wondering how many people use the built-in auto-advance in 
CircleMUD code....

I personally feel that there shouldn't be an auto-advance for 2 reasons:
	1) No auto-advance makes the intrepid adventurers come back to 
	   town every once in a while (which I kinda like)
	2) With auto-advance, there is no reason to have +int/dex/wis/con
	   items, as it's kinda hard to put all the stuff on during a 
	   so that your character can get the maximum amount of gain.
	   This also makes a item that raises you wisdom a few points worth
	   a lot more monitarily, so it has a good effect on the economy
	   of the MUD.

My next question is, if anyone has eliminated auto-advance, did you write 
the new advance code yourself, or did you use the code from somewhere 
else?  And which code would you recommend?  I haven't played too many 
MUDs recently, but it seems that Fred/JudyMUD's advance code was pretty 


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