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From: Eric Badger (Eric.Badger@m.cc.utah.edu)
Date: 10/21/94

 	Hi, I downloaded the OLC code from the circle archive @ 
 ftp.cs.jhu.edu.  I've hacked it into my code, added all of the necessary
 variables to structs.h added the descriptor states etc... Anyway, i was
 wondering a couple of things, and hoping maybe that someone could answer
 them for me.  First of all, how do i call the online editor?  Which
 function should do I use? the edit_func or the edit_room (those are my
 guesses.) also, I'm using a modified circle 2.2, so I still have the
 COMMANDOS, is there any special way I should execute these functions? 
 Also, I was wondering if online mob / object creation is on its way.. 
 Thanks, I see OLC as a dramatic improvement to circle. 
 Maelstrom - 4000

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