Date: 10/24/94

I ftp'd some code I was working on to  The filename is
olc-wld.tar.gz ... and this time, it DOES have the README file
in it *evil grin* Sorry about that if you had already downloaded it.

I have about 5 hours a week that I can spend working on it now, and
that is one reason I let others have a chance to see what I was 
trying to do. After coming back and looking at the code, I realized
MANY limitations on my implementation. Since I was just trying to 
familiarize myself with Circle code in the first place, I was so
happy that my code actually worked.

**What does it do?
	-Right now, it allows you to edit existing rooms, and
	 save those changes to a file.
	-It's can also create new rooms, but doesn't make them
	 visible outside the editor. 

**What does it look like?
	-I used dbsup.doc to go by.. well.. here's the main menu:

|                  Room Data                  |

1. Vnum: 3000   2. Zone: 2      3. Sector_type: 0
4. room_flags:

5. Title: The Reading Room
6. Room desc:
     You are in a small, simple room which is mostly empty, save a few
wooden desks and benches.  To the east you hear the bustle of the Temple
of Midgaard, a sharp contrast to the relative quiet of this peaceful

7. Exits:

    East:       vnum: 3001      real: 11
       You see the Temple of Midgaard.

8. Extra desciptions:
s. Save to file.
w. Save all edited rooms to file.
h. Help
q. Quit!!

Please enter menu choice: q
Quiting edit mode.

**What's next?
	-I made some changes in struct.h that I shouldn't have. It made it
	 easy at the time (a late night decision.. so I was half asleep)
	 and I plan on modifying it such that little or no changes need
	 to be made, other than the normal modifications made for adding
	 a command macro.
	-Oh, and of course.. there isn't much if any help given in the
	 help menu option. (at the moment :)

**What to do to add it to Circle2.2 and take a look at it?
	-Look at the README.olc file included in the tar file.
	 All the neccessary info should be in there.
	 Have fun, and enjoy.

Argon ShadowHeart

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