Date: 10/24/94

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the confusion.

> Am I to understand that you've written OLC for Circle 3.0? I mean, a 
> fully functional OLC system? Oh PLEASE let it be true... And if it is, what 
	I wrote along with 2.2. Its functional, but not debugged.
	I didn't fully debug it... I didn't find that many errors,
	but I didn't test it as much as I should have either.

> then hell is taking Jeremy so long? Christ, think he's getting paid by 
> the hour for doing this thing? I'm sorry but after waiting nearly a year
	Why is he taking so long.. Because he is being nice, and
	making sure that it actually works. See, what I did was throw
	something together that WORKS FOR ME. It's also for 2.2, and
	not 3.0. So, if I actually get it working totally.. and the
	way I want it to, it might be great for those still using 2.2.

	I'm just a simple user that likes programming and playing with 
	things. I have a copy of 2.2 in my account, and It has at most
	5 users when I have it running. This is not a good way to 
	to make sure all the kinks are worked out.

	Also, OLC is not the only thing that Jeremy is working on, I am sure.

> for 3.0 I'm a little impatient, and all I _really_ wanted was the OLC. If 
> an OLC patch is available at the circle ftp site then the wait is over! 
> That's it, I'm not gonna wait anymore. What's that file called? You know 
> the official release isn't gonna be for a couple months...
	Yes.. like I said in the README file.. Here's a new toy to play
	with until the REAL OLC comes out with 3.0. One of the things that 
	I wanted was OLC too, so I chose that as a project to familiarize 
	myself with the Circle mud code. I finished the ROOM editing part,
	and that is all that is included in the file at jsu. 

	It saves those rooms changed to a file, and you have to take it 
	from there.


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