Date: 10/24/94

> You're right, it's not going to be for a couple of months, and chances are
> it won't be based on the OLC patch at the ftp site anyway since I've already
> written most of my own OLC system.
	Jeremy writes Circle code more than most.. so you can be sure that
	his is better than mine, and will work when he is finished. I didn't
	really take into account that many people don't undestand C code,
	so if those people encounter problems.. what can they do? 

	Jeremy is doing the right thing by taking the time to make sure
	it actually works, before it is added to Circle3.0 with all the other
	nice changes.. so that all you have to do is (hopefully) ftp the
	sucker, and type make :)

> Wait or don't wait, but either way don't whine to me.  Since when do I
> owe YOU anything?  You make it sound as if you're paying me to do work
> for you.
	Keep up the good work, and sorry for any confusion thay I have created.

	Besides.. before I started working on this.. I thought OLC stood
	for online coding, since my ex roomate's mud allows wizzes to code while
	online remotely. Their mob/world/object files are written in C though,
	instead of plain text. I don't know what type of mud it is, though.

	Er.. enough of that babble.. Simply put, my code is NOT for 3.0,
	it is NOT thoroughly tested. It works on my system for my purposes
	and needs.. and if you are waiting for OLC in 3.0, and have 2.2..
	feel free to ftp the file, hack and slash it to your hearts content
	and do what you want while waiting for 3.0 (non-beta) to come out.


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