Date: 10/24/94

Sorry.. one more thing.. since I just uploaded the the verion with
the README file in it to the incoming directory on jsu.. I am not sure
when it will be placed in the submissions directory. So if you ftp
it, and the README is not there.. email me and I'll get it to you
when I can.

Last thing I want to say.. The reason I have less time to work on 
programming, is because I just got a job. It's easy to see where
priorities lie.

Its easier for me to give what I have to everyone else, since I 
don't have to deal with making sure its 100% correct -as is-.

Jeremy is doing the right thing by making sure 3.0 OLC works the way
it should.

What I did.. was give you the oppurtunity to look at my -attempt-
at a room editor, so that you could look at the code, and frustrate
yourself if you wanted to, by trying to add your own changes *grin*

I am sure OLC means more to you than what is represented in my code.


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