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From: Furry (3raf7@qlink.queensu.ca)
Date: 10/26/94

Heh... I changed addresses here... so all mail in regards to world files
and nonsuch should be directed this way and not in the direction of my
old account at 3raf7@QUCDN.QueensU.CA (:

Thanx a lot.. and to update everyone, a functional world will be
released with patch level 5 (turns out I put ascii flags in one
patch level too early.. Doh! ): )

Sorry to bother all those that don't care. (:

--  Alex

  Alex Fletcher c/o The Fantastic Furry World
                               Located in lots of places.

  The opinions expressed here are mine, so in the immortal words
                of Bob McKenzie, 'Take off, Eh?'

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