Re: OLC? Squeeze me?

From: Jim Meyer (
Date: 10/25/94

Thus spake Jeremy Elson:
>> Am I to understand that you've written OLC for Circle 3.0? I mean, a 
>> fully functional OLC system? Oh PLEASE let it be true... And if it is, what 
>> then hell is taking Jeremy so long? Christ, think he's getting paid by 
>> the hour for doing this thing?
>No, I'm not getting paid by the hour.  That's WHY it's taking so long.
>Because when I have a job which pays $50/hour, and Circle which pays
>nothing, then I choose to spend my time with the job.

*gasp* What, you have a LIFE? How COULD you place such mundanities as
earning a living, paying rent, bills, and buying food above your loyal
public's demands for an OLC, a bug-free 3.0 release, continued technical
support, and putting up with our whining? Huh? How COULD you?

I'd better stop now, as I just shoved my tongue all the way THROUGH my cheek
and I'm thinking that medical help may be in order.

>> I'm sorry but after waiting nearly a year 
>> for 3.0 I'm a little impatient, and all I _really_ wanted was the OLC. If 
>> an OLC patch is available at the circle ftp site then the wait is over! 
>> That's it, I'm not gonna wait anymore. What's that file called? You know 
>> the official release isn't gonna be for a couple months...
>You're right, it's not going to be for a couple of months, and chances are
>it won't be based on the OLC patch at the ftp site anyway since I've already
>written most of my own OLC system.
>Wait or don't wait, but either way don't whine to me.  Since when do I
>owe YOU anything?  You make it sound as if you're paying me to do work
>for you.

Hmmmm...I wonder if it would break the DIKU license if we were all to pitch
in and pay Jeremy for a last great burst of energy in finishing Circle 3.0?
Technically, we'd be paying for his services as a programmer modifying
existing code and not for the code itself...

How many people ARE there on this list? Figger 40 hours more work at
$50/hour...$2000 / 40 of us is $50 per head. Anyone else in?

--Jim, just as eager, but not nearly as demanding.

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