Object Effects

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (mountcas@pluto.ee.cua.edu)
Date: 11/06/94

> Thanks to VampLestat and Furry for your replies.  I was starting to get the
> code from Merc anyway (just curious if earlier version of Circle had it).
> 	My new question is:  Does anyone know of a way to add something
> to the object structure so that when a charcter holds or wears or wields
> the object they are affected by a certian spell.  Ex:  The cloak of invis-
> ibility - Glasgian wears the cloak an is invisible, when he removes the
> cloak or hits something he becomes visible again.  Or when you wield the
> One True Sword you are affected by sanct, when you remove the sword you
> lose the sanct (I know this is VERY powerful, but these Items will only be
> for quests or something).
> 	Is there a way to do this easily?  I'm no professional programmer,
> but I would like to imp this....
> 	Also, if anyone has an answer to my autorun script question, I would
> greatly appreciate an answer, thanks.
> 	- Sean
>      	  Glasgian at The Dominion (huey.ee.cua.edu 8400)

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