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From: Furry (
Date: 11/05/94

On Sat, 5 Nov 1994 26MOUNTCASTL@CUA.EDU wrote:
> 	Also, I just noticed that circleMUD3bpl4 doesn't seem to have the
> zone reset flag of R to randomize doors - my question is do earlier versions
> of circle have this Randomize command?  I'm sure it wont be that difficult to
> code but I was just wondering.
> 	Thanks much,

Well.. first off, I don't know about the autorun script (:
But I do know that the 'R' cmd is a Merc command for zone files and
most Circle users have created a Reamove command as R (many I mean...
no most.. long day)  And to the next question... none of the earlier
circle versions have it... and to the last question.. look in the 
Merc code to see how easy it is.. I think they managed to do it in
7 or 8 lines.

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