Re: Autorun Scriptfile

From: Stefan Hudson (
Date: 11/06/94

> Hi,
> 	I'm on this mailing list on my other account (which is very messed-up
> right now), but I needed to know if anyone knows how to modify the autorun
> script so that it sleeps the MUD during the day Monday thru Friday and then
> lets it run all weekend.  Would I have to make two separate scripts or
> would one do all this?

I don't think it's possible with the autorun script, but you could do it
by hacking code, or possibly even better, set up two cron jobs, one which sends
a SIGSTOP (kill -STOP <pid>) at the time you want the MUD to stop, and then 
anotherone which sends a SIGCONT (kill -CONT <pid>) to the mud when it is to

The problems with this method are that the MUD remains in the process table
and consumes a certain amount of swap during the week, and that any users
online when it is frozen would lock up.

Of course, you could also set up similar cron jobs to kill and restart the MUD
at given times, too. It wouldn't "sleep" then, tho.

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